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Retro Throwback: Tingba Lounge x Harlem’s Music Program

Aug 28, 2012 | Taipei543


Ximending has always been an integral part in Taipei’s cultural background. It’s been a hangout spot for generations, and is still seen as one of the city’s busiest tourist destinations. For some of us who have been living in Taipei for a while, the idea of visiting Ximending for drinks with friends perhaps isn’t on the top of our list; all of this, however, has been changed with Amba Hotel’s (see our review of the trendy boutique hotel here) newly introduced music event.

In partnership with Taiwanese musician extraordinare, Harlem Yu (哈林), Tingba Lounge Bar has created a totally dynamic way of spending your Friday and Saturday nights. So what do you get when you put one of Taipei’s swankiest lounges with a sage musical genius? Tingba’s newest collaboration with Harlem’s Music Program.

The goal of Tingba’s newest offerings is dissected into three parts. Firstly, the lounge strives to emphasize three different types of music (“chilled-out”, “drum and bass”, and “disco”), which are all hand picked by Harlem himself. DJs are the second part to Harlem’s musical puzzle. Every Friday and Saturday (8-11 PM), guest DJs put their own take on everything from 80′s Taiwanese pop to current day indie favorites. Harlem’s final aim is to revive 70′s and 80′s Asian pop. DJs remix hits such as 80′s hit, “Green Apple Wonderland” (Qing Ping Guo Le Yuan) by the Little Tigers (Xiao Hu Duei).

 We paid Tingba a visit a few Fridays ago, and we were delighted to find Swing Child (read more about him here) DJing that night. Alongside drinks and popcorn (from an actual popcorn machine!), we enjoyed his eclectic mix including everything from The xx to Regina Spektor. (Listen here and here, respectively)

Other DJs that mix at Tingba include DJ Kolette, hailing from France and specializing in electro/techno-house, and DJ Z, founder of Taiwanese electro-rock group, Salamander.

For 380 NT per person, enjoy a night of music and drinks. Sample drinks from an array of choices, many of which were created specifically for this event. With 10 new drinks on their menu, you’ll be sure to find something that will please your palate.


Honey (Coors Light, honey, and milk)

Our favorite was Honey, a sugary blend made with Coors light beer, Taiwanese longan honey, and milk. The result? A creamy, irresistible mix that doesn’t overpower your senses with sweetness.

More of a fruity type? Tingba’s got you covered. Try the Mangorita, a blend created by Harlem himself. A tropical twist on your average margarita, this drink is created with a fresh mango puree, giving it a natural fruity flavor. The Sunset Tingba, on the other hand, also prides itself on its use of fresh summer fruits. The drink has two layers that are meant to be mixed together; the top is a raspberry liqueur and strawberry juice, while the bottom consists of honeydew liqueur, lime, and pineapple juices. Not too sour, not to sweet – these two drinks are sure to satiate your fruity cravings.

For those who tend to shy away from all things sweet, try the Silent Hill. Yes, the name, stemming from that terrifying horror film, says it all. This drink is definitely not for the faint-hearted. A unique blend of fennel liqueur, absinthe and triple sec, this drink may (possibly) conjure up hallucinations of ghosts whilst drinking.

In addition to your choice of beverage, you can also choose to snack on either edamame (soybeans in the pod) with truffle or French fries.


Harlem’s Special Mangorita

Sunset Tingba

Silent Hill

Friday and Saturday nights will never be the same. Spend your next ones at Tingba!

Taipei 543 is giving away 2 pairs of free tickets to this special event. Sign up below, anytime from now until next Tuesday (9/4), for your chance to win! Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday (9/5). Good luck!

Source: Taipei543,  Adrienne Shih