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Eco-friendly Hotel Popular In Taipei

May 31, 2012 | CCTV News


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The Amba hotel in Taipei is popular among travelers to Taiwan. The hotel mixes contemporary art and design, with a strong environmental policy and good service. Recycled goods have been reused to create a unique hotel space.

Dephane Wu, Pr, Amba Hotel, said, "We take into a consideration the issues of environment, science, and creativity. From these elements, all are mixed into the design and creation of the hotel so the guests can feel and have a unique experience through their stays here. We want to reduce the need to use water or cleaning products. We also have a wall filled with charcoal, so that it helps absorb smells and humidity".


The Amba hotel in Taipei is popular among travelers to Taiwan.

 The Amba hotel has just been selected by the design and style magazine Wallpaper as one of the best business hotels. It blends funky used furniture and art installations created by local Taiwan artists.

Eco-friendly designs are made for comfort. The hotel hardly uses any carpets. In the kitchen, spices and smells from cooking are absorbed by a charcoal wall. The homely design-led space is a good example of how Asian hotels have moved away from corporate, official-looking hotels to incorporate a more creative and playful attitude.

Source: CCTV News