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Amba: Ximending’s Newest Boutique Hotel

May 21, 2012 | Taipei543


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Ximending is, quite literally, the heart and soul of the bustling metropolis that is Taipei. We’ve all passed by the area, it’s intertwining streets teeming with over exuberant Taiwanese fashions and exotic theme restaurants. But have we really seen Ximending as a place where art and design come alive? Probably not.

For those who want to truly discover an artsy vibe in the ever-so-popular Ximending, Amba Hotel is most definitely a sure fire choice. Newly opened this year, Amba is the brainchild of Taiwanese hotel giant, Ambassador. The 162 room boutique hotel is conveniently situated a mere five minute walk from Ximen MRT station. Whilst inside, one can tell that the style aesthetic of Amba is like no other; it’s lobby in itself is a melange of Chinese and contemporary modern (think Singapore’s Wanderlust or Tokyo’s Andon Ryokan)

Though amenities, such as a pool or lounge room, are not available, Amba does boast its own cafe and restaurant, Chiba. The restaurant, whose name means “to eat” in Chinese, serves everything from Western classics (fish & chips, wraps, burritos) to Asian-fusion cuisine, and everything in between. The service is speedy and efficient, and after a long day of touring Taipei, Chiba definitely delivers. Alongside the restaurant is a music bar, Tingba, which serves a myriad of original signature cocktails, as well as bottomless coffee and snacks from 2 to 5 PM.

Room rates per night range from 3,400 NT for a king-size bed to 5,400 NT for two single beds. Though prices don’t come cheap, Amba’s convenient location means that you can peruse nearby Ximending to your heart’s content. In fact, Amba is built on top of a new Eslite department store.



Amba Hotel:

Official Website: amba-hotels.com

77 Wuchang Rd., Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: (02) 2375- 5111

MRT: Ximen Station, Exit 6

Source: Taipei543, Adrienne Shih