where is amba Taipei Ximending?

77 Section 2 Wuchang Street
Taipei 10843 Taiwan

amba Taipei Ximending is located on levels 5 to 10 of the Eslite shopping complex on Wuchang Street, junction of Kunming Street.

Upon arriving at Eslite:

  • 1

    Look for the hotel’s arrival courtyard on the right of Eslite Wuchang main entrance

  • 2

    Walk straight until reaching hotel elevators

  • 3

    Take an elevator to the lobby on level 5

map and directions in chinese


fun ximending


easy metro access


ximen metro station exit 6


amba Taipei Ximending is five minutes’ walk from the Taipei Metro Ximen Station:

  • Take exit 6
  • Walk along Chengdu Road toward Kunming Street
  • Turn right on Kunming Street
  • Walk toward Eslite Wuchang shopping complex at the junction of Kunming Street and Wuchang Street
  • Turn right on Wuchang Street to reach the hotel above Eslite