day trips


For a more leisurely pace, visit the scenic Beitou in northern Taipei. While Beitou is famous for its hot springs, there are many other attractions in the area that are worth a visit.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum features fascinating displays that reveal Beitou’s romantic years of ‘steam and mystery’. The museum is housed in a beautiful Euro-Japanese style building, which was once the main public baths in the city.

Geothermal Valley, also known as Hell Valley, is a natural sulfur hot spring where water temperatures can reach 100°C (212°F).

Another attraction, Ketagalan Cultural Center, offers insights into the Aboriginal culture which once flourished in Beitou.


For a taste of the old world, visit Jiufen in northern Taiwan. In its heyday, this small town was the heart of Taiwan’s gold mining industry. Today, it has become a popular getaway after providing the backdrop to the award-winning film ‘A City of Sadness’.

Beautiful mountain and sea views, historical Japanese style architectures, fresh seafood, traditional tea houses and Jiufen Old Street are just some of the attractions that put this charming village on visitors’ top 10 lists.


Tamsui, also known as Danshui, is renowned for its historic sites, local specialties and breathtaking sceneries. Originally home to the Formosan indigenous peoples, Tamsui was settled by the Spanish and then the Dutch in the 17th century.

Visit Hongmao Castle, or Fort San Domingo, a fort built by the Spanish, and now designated as a historic site of the first grade. Stroll along the Tamsui Old Street by the waterfront, and sample Tamsui’s famous snacks from iron eggs to Tamsui fish balls or A-Gei deep fried tofu.

Then, proceed to Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and watch a beautiful sunset from the famous Lover’s Bridge of Tamsui.